Life in the UK project for Gurkha veterans and families

BGNA family with the beneficiaries of the project.

BGNA has begun the ‘Life in the UK’ project for Gurkha veterans and their families. Although the project’s research phase to prepare the booklet started in May 2018, but the workshop launched on 7th June 2018. The project runs every Thursday at Balham Library, Wembley from 10 am onwards.

The project mainly targets the pre-1997 retired Gurkha veterans. However, it provides benefits to all who have insufficient knowledge about the life in the UK. It, however, does not prepare the individual for the Life in the UK exam. It is a two years long project funded by Chancellor using LIBOR funds. By the end of the project, more than 200 beneficiaries will directly benefit from the project, and the other families of the beneficiaries as well as the Gurkha veterans outside the London Borough of Brent will also indirectly benefit from it.

The project has divided the beneficiaries into eight groups of 25 students in each group. Each group will attend workshops for 10 weeks including a public engagement with the member of external organisations. The workshop is divided into two parts; Life in the UK and an English session. The life in the UK workshop will provide the students with a basic understanding of the multicultural British society, the British values and your roles as a responsible citizen. The English workshop will offer practical English terminologies and basic British manners. Each student will be presented with the Life in the UK book written in Nepalese language, and the necessary stationery will be provided to them. A light snack and refreshment will be provided to the students during the workshop.

The project offers an excellent opportunity for the recently settled Gurkha veterans and their families to learn about the society that they have recently settled in. It provides a chance to come together to learn new things about the life in the UK and share the knowledge with the other fellow veterans. The project also provides a perfect opportunity to interact with the members of the local community as part of the public engagement program. It also provides a platform for social interaction with the fellow veterans.

Project tutor running the Life in the UK workshop

BGNA Chairman Dev Limbu said that ‘‘this is a perfect opportunity for everyone to come together and learn about life in the UK’’. BGNA Secretary Dilip Rai said that ‘‘this project provides a platform for the local Gurkha community to integrate within the wider communities’’. Advisor and Volunteer Randhoj Rana said that ‘‘the project helps the vulnerable Gurkha veterans from being isolated by providing a great place for an interaction’’.

BGNA strongly encourages everybody to be part of the project and benefit from it. Should you wish to be part of it, please do contact BGNA either on 07492854294 or at to register your name for one of the groups. Thank you.