Celebrating the festive season 2018

The project celebrates Christmas 2018

The project successfully celebrated Christmas social on 20th December 2018.   The students, tutors, volunteers and Paul Lorber from Barham Park library also attended this small celebration held during the festive season. The event was held as part of the integration aspect of the project.

It was the first of a kind that BGNA was able to celebrate as part of the project. Indeed, celebrating Christmas was very interesting as well as different in nature than the Nepalese festivals.

The event involved not only a celebration but also an informative talk that was provided by the Project Tutor about Christmas. For the few wives of Gurkhas, it was the first time that they had celebrated Christmas in the UK. For some, the real meaning behind celebrating this festival had not been very clear previously. The informative talk provided along with the presentation with a relevant video made the session useful. We also had one of the Gurkha veterans turn himself into Christmas Father who amused everybody with his dress and shared sweets with everybody.

The program was a huge success. Participants also shared a small selection of food including homemade food after an informative session.


Picture 1: Tutor delivering the informative session


Picture 2: view from the rear. The video on the screen shows a short documentary about the subject.

Picture 3: Tutor is enjoying her time with the wives of Gurkha veterans.

Picture 4: Few selections of food.