Excellent interaction session between the project beneficiaries and the SSAFA Gurkha Services team

The beneficiaries of the Life in the UK project took advantage of the interaction program with the members of the SSAFA Gurkha Services team based in London. The interaction session organised by BGNA was carried out on 20th June 2019 at Barham park library which had been attended by many beneficiaries.

Project beneficiaries listen to the SSAGA Gurkha Services Manager Sheila Limbu.

Gurkha Services Manager, Sheila Limbu and the Gurkha Services Outreach Officer for the South region, Bhim Tamang were invited for an interactive session with our beneficiaries. As part of it, the SSAFA team provided a short presentation on their services to the Nepalese Gurkha communities as such how their services can be accessed and how support is provided.

Veterans gentlemen.

The beneficiaries of the Life in the UK project were able to benefit from the visit as the SSAFA Gurkha team specifically helps the Nepalese Gurkha communities. Our beneficiaries were excited to know the help that the SSAFA Gurkha Services offers; therefore, they asked sensible questions to the team as such how they can contact them and what kind of help is available. Also, our beneficiaries expressed some of the welfare challenges that they are facing as such the difficulties in understanding the complex procedure to access the social services and the restriction provided to them by not being able to speak the English language.

The interaction program with the hardworking team from SSAFA provided great insight and knowledge to our beneficiaries of the services available that are accessible as well as the limitation of it. For the benefit of our beneficiaries, the Life in the UK project was glad to work with the SSAFA Gurkha Services as part of the LIBOR fund.