Life in the UK project provided the beneficiaries an opportunity to visit another home, Gurkha Museum

As part of the project, a total number of 60 Nepalese Gurkha veterans and their wives took the opportunity to learn more and reminiscence about the past regimental life by visiting the Gurkha Museum in Winchester on 27 June 2019. The bus carrying the beneficiaries left the Barham Park library at 1100 Hours.

A mandatory group picture

It is right to say that the Gurkha Museum is not only a place of attraction to other visitors including the serving Gurkhas, but also to the Gurkha veterans of all age. Since leaving the regimental barracks after being discharged from the service, the Museum has become a place that many of those veterans are still able to call their home.

The visit was a part of an educational trip under the interaction program of the project which carries two primary purposes. The first was to allow the Gurkha veterans and their wives to remind of their Gurkha history and their continued connection to the Brigade of Gurkhas – and how the unique Gurkha roots have allowed them to contribute in making the wider multicultural British society. Secondly, it was to let them understand the unique values and ethos that the British Army preserves its military tradition through the museum collections. The Peninsula Barracks was a great choice as it hosts many other five great regimental museums including the Gurkha Museum itself.

However, only limited members of the project beneficiaries were able to take the opportunity of a day visit to the Museum due to the restriction on the allocated funding.

Talking about the ‘sola topee’ (Pith helmet) widely used by the British Army in India.

The group was divided into three groups to provide more efficiency during the tour of the museum.  Group one was led by Deo Gurung, and respectively, Group two by Binita Rai Lee and Group three by Saniya Limbu. In overall, the visit was managed by Sanju Gurung with the help of BGNA executive members, Chairman Randhoj Rana, Secretary Dilliraj Sunuwar and Treasurer Govind Rai.

One of our eldest beneficiaries. Apology, the picture is not of good quality.

Few senior BGNA members including the BGNA Chairman Randhoj Rana and Vice-Chairman Deo Gurung took the chance to meet the Director of the Museum. A short brief about the work that BGNA has been carrying on was provided to the Director – and, a few project souvenirs such as the Life in the UK booklet, a diary and a BGNA mug was presented to him.

It was a successful visit for the beneficiaries of the project. The Gurkha veterans and their wives left the Museum at 1600 Hrs.