Detailed evaluation carried out


On 5 December 2019, BGNA successfully carried out a detailed evaluation session. The project delivery team which consisted of a Project Coordinator Sanju Gurung who is a Gurkha himself, and two tutors; Binita Rai Lee and Indira Tamang – carried out the evaluation session with the help of our incredible volunteers. Some of the volunteers are Gurkha veterans themselves.

We are glad to know that the students have enjoyed the classes run by BGNA. The majority said that the class has provided them with a platform to learn about the British culture and system – also, it has provided them with an opportunity to meet fellow Gurkhas and Gurkha ladies. The opportunity that they often do not get. We also learnt that the confidence level has increased in them which has significantly helped them to live an independent life. Almost all of them have a wish that such a project like this should continue so that they would continue to benefit for their health and wellbeing.

Below are some of the pictures from the day. Thank you all for your continuous support. Without it, the community would not have been in this position.