BGNA runs a Wellbeing Session via Zoom during this COVID-19

BGNA has been running the Wellbeing Session started from early November, and the session is being carried out every Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon. It is expected to run until February 2020. This session has been run by Gaumaya. There has been active and increasing participation from Maijus (wives of Ex-British Gurkhas) including the Gurkha veterans. So far, the age of Maijus ranges between 50 and70 years. In the first session, the Wellbeing Session covered on information about Coronavirus; it’s symptoms and how to seek help. We also went through the emergency helpline 999 and did a role play in various situation, e.g., calling an ambulance, fire service or police. The role-play was a fun way to learn.

Many beneficiaries showed interest to learn the English language, so we have set aside an hour for it every week. We have practised different conversations from going to a grocery shop to asking each other how their day went. Earlier this month, we had a fellow Nepalese nutritionist, Samikchha who covered on a balanced diet and Nepali myths about nutrition and diseases. Since we had positive feedback, in our next sessions, we will have a police officer, optometrist, pharmacist, mental health nurse, physiotherapist, hygienist and other health professionals joining us in coming weeks. While running this program, Gaumaya has been actively coordinating with suitable professionals from whom our beneficiaries can learn.

Last week, we introduced a 15 mins refresher session with Richma who entertained Maijus with games such as matching English words to pictures and actions. On our last session, we went through our hobbies and likes where participants mentioned they liked gardening, travelling, cooking, talking on the phone with families and friends, using social media and watching favourite TV programs. We went through different body organs from head to toes. In the game, the participants, in turn, challenged one other to point an organ each. We had a good laugh.

So far, we have these are the feedbacks: ” I cannot wait for Tuesday, I wish Wednesday, Thursday would just pass, and it would be Tuesday again” – Nirmala Gurung. ” Even though I do not know how to write or read, I am learning new information and words every time I come ” – Khagi Kumari Ale. ” Ok ok, Sunglasses. No Blackglasses ” – Shiva Gurung. ” I am very happy; that’s why laughing” – Shila Gurung. The laughter continues. 

BGNA is grateful to see that our Gurkha veterans and wives are finding time to distract from the difficulties that this COVID-19 pandemic has brought to our life. We are glad that even at this age for veterans, technology is something that can help us stay healthy, both physically and mentally.